Monday, January 31, 2011

What You Need To Do Before I Do A Download On Your Compter.....

1.     Check for Anti-virus software. If you have one installed verify that it is current and all scans are current.
a.    If there you don’t have an anti-virus software loaded I strongly suggest either you load Microsoft Security Essentials or you give me permission to load it for you. It is free and I have it running on at least 14 machines. 6 or 8 of them have been using it for six months or more. This software appears to be stable, doesn’t slow down your system, runs in background or you can select the scan level you want for a single scan above the constant scanning.       
b.    If you have an anti-virus and it is not working properly or has expired I urge you to either renew the subscription, reload the current version or otherwise ensure your computer has valid working anti-virus before you give your computer to me unless you want me to load MSE for you and remove whatever other anti-virus software you might have installed at any prior time.
c.    If there is some issue with it because you haven’t used it for over a month, either attend to that yourself or ask me to see if I can fix the issue and then I’ll run a scan before we download the new CLASP32 software.
2.    Check fragmentation of hard drive and if fragmented, run DISK CLEAN and DEFRAG.
3.    Check hard disk to see that it has 15 gig of available space for the download.
4.    Remove all shortcuts from CLASP32 load which is being overloaded with 7-7-10 ver.?
5.    Create a registration with  so I can go there after ensuring you have proper internet protection and do the download. CLASP32 downloads are all done on the internet from Budapest. 
6.    You will need to either make an appointment with me after the download to meet and perform the software ACTIVATION together or you will need to be available by phone for me to enter your method of payment (paypal or credit card) if you want me to activate your software before I return it to you.
7.    I urge you to schedule time when I deliver your computer or when you come to my office to pick it up so I can show you the highlights of what is new to in this version of the software.

End of Year Computer Clean up

As the old year comes to a close and the new year is just beginning please take some time to clean up your computer files. Create file folders in you’re My Documents folder which are reflective of your organizational intentions. Move, copy & paste or drag & drop many or most of the myriad files you might have strung all over your desktop because you haven’t known where to put them into the folders you create to keep your files organized in you’re My Documents folder.

Then take a few minutes to do Disk Clean and Disk Defragmenter processes located on your System Tools folder in Accessories from your “All Programs” clickable on your START button.

Go to your web browser (Internet Explorer, IE or whichever one you are using) and delete temporary files, and other junk files from your browser memory.

Go to  and check your computer updates to make certain you have the most current updates to your Windows and other Microsoft products you may have.

Go to the All Programs list and see what you have loaded on your computer to update from a third party vendor like Adobe Reader 9 or whatever is most current, and any other programs which may need to be updated.

This is especially needful if you have a laptop which you turn on and off in between uses or if you do not have Automatic Updates turned on in your computer.

If you have any questions about any of these processes, press the back arrow to find my contact information or go to .